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Ertugrul Season 05 episode 15

Episode 15 Season 05 Dirilis Ertugrul

Halime suspects Banu Cicek is hiding a secret. In a twist of fate for Noyan, Saadettin Kopek arrives to challenge the clan’s decisions.

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Ertugrul Season 04 episode 15

Episode 15 Season 04 Dirilis Ertugrul

Saadettin Köpek sets out for Konya and gives an order that would endanger Aslıhan. Titan infiltrates the Kayı camp.

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Ertugrul Season 03 episode 15

Episode 15 Season 03 Dirilis Ertugrul

Bamsi’s group faces ambush while surveilling Simon and Saadettin Köpek, who’s wary of Ertuğrul’s plans to conquer Karacahisar.

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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 02 episode15

Episode 15 Season 02 Dirilis Ertugrul

Noyan makes Gündoğdu his next target. Kocabaş’s words instigate a confrontation that changes Ertuğrul’s place in the camp. Ertugrul Dailymotion Server 2

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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 episode15

Episode 15 Season 01 Dirilis Ertugrul

Selcan tries to kill two birds with one stone, but her ambition becomes her downfall. With Halime in critical condition, Ertuğrul’s group splits up.

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