‘Fake cop’ caught by traffic warden in Gujranwala

GUJRANWALA: A traffic superintendent in Gujranwala has gotten a ‘phony cop’ and gave him over to nearby police headquarters for doing lawful activity, ARY News gave an account of Thursday.

A phony police officer has been gotten by a traffic superintendent who came to him for forgoing fine on petty criminal offense made by his companion. The traffic superintendent researched him subsequent to discovering his cases dubious for being a cop which came out bogus.

  • The captured man was distinguished as Hamza. Afterward, the phony cop was given over to Satellite Town police headquarters for additional activity.
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Prior on December 21, police authorities had captured two blamed for their contribution in plundering suburbanites while mimicking as cops in Karachi’s North Nazimabad zone.

As indicated by the representative of area focal police, the cops hailing from the North Nazimabad police headquarters had busted a gathering engaged with plundering voyagers in the city while acting themselves like cops. The police captured two individuals from the group.

The specialists had likewise recuperated four cell phones, two workstations, a vehicle and some money sum from their ownership.

During introductory examinations, the blamed had admitted for their association in different crimes.

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