About Us

TernoMedia is a web-based library of all sorts of free videos content, including entertainment,  news reports, TV series, seasons, music, science, and, of course, movies.


TernoMedia is the best YouTube alternative to watch videos online. Most of the content is fun and frivolous. Here you can watch all videos in different subtitles with the Highest quality.

All seasons of new Trending Turkish TV Serial “Ertugrul Ghazi” is also available in English, Urdu, Turkish, Portuguese, and Arabic subtitles & HD format.


Its browsing interface is fairly straightforward, with a menu bar that links to LatestPopular, and Trending videos. Those who want to take a deeper dive can click the drop-down menu on the left, which features a more extensive list of video categories.


TernoMedia has an easy-to-browse search feature that organizes videos by category and channel.  User can comment on videos. You can also share your favorite video on social media like Facebook, twitter and Instagram etc


Other content includes everything from highlights of the world’s best surfers, sports, quick and to-the-point product reviews, and tips on how to complete a difficult level on your favorite video game.

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